Hot & Spicy 
We can alter the spicy to your taste

Roti Canai    $5.95

(Indian Pancake) It's the all-time favorite, crispy style pancake & curry chicken dipping sauce.  

Roti Paratha    $5.95

(Wheat Pancake) Crispy and fluffy wheat flour pancake with curry chicken potato sauce.  

Roti Telur    $8.45

A traditional Indian pancake filled w. egg, onion & green chilies. Served w. curry chicken potato sauce.  

"Kajang" Satay (4 Sticks)    $8.45

 (Malaysia Specialties) Mariiuited Chicken or Beef on skewers, charcoal, grilled to perfection, served w. peanut sauce.  

Satay Tofu (2 Pcs)    $7.45

Crispy fried tofu stuffed w. cucumber and bean sprouts. Served w. peanut sauce.  

Poh-Piah (2 Rolls)    $7.95

Steamed Malaysia spring roll stuffed w. shiitake mushroom, shredded eggs, jicama, bean sprout and onion.

Shrimp Dumpling (8 Pcs)    $9.25

Fried shrimp dumpling w. special salad sauce.

Penang Lobak    $10.50

Crispy fried spiced pork roll, fried tofu, fried shrimp pancake, cucumber & turnip pickled.

Ayam Pandan (5 Pcs)    $8.95

Deep fried chicken breast in pandan leaves flavor with spicy dipping sauce.  

Sotong Kelapa    $8.45

Marinated golden fried squid w. shredded coconut, lemon grass & small hot pepper.  

Achat    $8.50

(A very appetizing starter)
Malaysian style pickled vegetable, w. peanut sauce. 
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