All Entrees Served w. White Rice, Brown Rice, Hainanese Rice or Coconut Rice.
Additional White Rice $1.50 All Others $1.75
 Hot & Spicy 
We can alter the spicy to your taste

Ayam Basil    $15.50

Sliced chicken sauteed w. mushroom, snow peas, baby corn, carrot & basil leaves.

Ayam Halia    $15.50

Sauteed sliced chicken w. ginger, scallions & brown sauce.

Ayam Kekasih    $15.50

Sliced white meat chicken cooked w. tasty black bean sauce w. pepper, baby corn, straw mushroom, onion and broccoli.

Ayam Rendang    $15.50

Chicken cooked w. low heat in lemon grass and chili paste, then simmered in thick rich coconut curry gravy. 

Ayam X.O. SOS    $15.50

Sliced white meat chicken sauteed w. pepper, snow peas, baby corn, carrot, broccoli in x.o. brown sauce.

Ayam Hainanese    $15.50

Steamed 1/2 chicken w. bone w. chefs special soy sauce (served at room temperature).

Chili Ayam    $15.50

Deep fried sliced chicken w. fresh chili curry leaves, onion, broccoli and delicate oriental spices. 

Kari Ayam    $15.50

Chicken chunks & potato seasoned w. red curry in coconut milk gravy. 

Ayam / Beef Trengganu    $15.50

Sliced Chicken or Beef cooked in a rich thick, yellow curry w. coconut milk, coriander, basil leaves, eggplant & pepper. 

Sambal Ayam / Beef    $15.50

Sauteed chicken or beef w. spicy Malaysian shrimp paste, sliced onion, belt pepper in chili sauce. 

Ayam TomYum    $15.50

Sliced chicken cooked w. tomato, onion, baby corn, straw mushroom in hot & sour Thai sauce. 

Ayam Kelapa    $15.50

Crispy fried sliced white meat chicken w. dry chili peppers, scallion, sesame & cucumbers, shredded coconut.  

Ayam / Beef Kari Hijau    $15.50

Sliced chicken or beef cooked w. rich green curry, coconut milk, tomato, eggplant, bell pepper & basil leaves. 
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